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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adina's Law IS a Hoax !!!

   Adina's Law is a hoax. A hoax not to be funny, but to illustrate how insane all these laws have become in a mad dash to further punish RSOs. Take a horrible, tragic of a death of an innocent child, pass a law in that child's name in hopes of deterring other such crimes, and the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and common sense goes out the window as some sleazy politician uses this tragedy to further his/her career. I have a loved one who has not only been driven into homelessness due to Jessica's Law, but it has also driven him crazy. He has no hope. None. He spends his day not looking for food, or proper shelter, or to better his life, but where to charge up his GPS Monitor twice a day. Jessica's Law means to him two choices - prison or living on the streets. Can someone please tell me what good any of these laws do? Please, give me just one solid example! Is there one? Tens of millions of CA tax payers money is being totally wasted and for what? Feel good laws that do nothing to protect anyone, so that some politician can get his/her name in the newspaper? It is pure insanity and will only get worse unless we expose and fight these laws. I hope I did not alarm anyone too much with this attempt to expose these laws. I'm grasping at straws here. The foul language I have used in this blog to describe RSOs  are straight out of the mouths of John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) and Bill O'Rielly (Fox News).  I sincerely hope you understand my motives for doing this. If you want to know the Truth about RSOs, the hysteria engulfing them, and all these new insane laws to further punish them and their families - please go to the following links.

Sex Offender Issues

Sex Offender Research

The Jessica's Law Nightmare in California

Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network

One to See Change

P.S. All pro-Adina's Law comments and pro poll results were mine

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Won't Believe These Comments

Anonymous said...

let me see if i can understand this you say this guy has been living down the street from you for over 10 years? and hes not in jail because? why? maybe he is in compliance with all of the RSO laws? maybe? i read your law and it seems to me whatever happened to you you want to take it out on everybody else (all men perhaps) you have a lot of hate and rage inside of you now before you get on your soap box and start blasting me i have 4 kids and 4 grand daughters my youngest child was molested but it was by someone who i thought was a friend. however noble your law seems to be it is however outrageous how can you tell someone that cant have cable tv? or go to a mall? or not be alone with a woman?? i am sorry for whatever happened to you but the only thing you are doing is causing FEAR they don't just attack "at night" you will have a very hard time getting this law passed and even IF you do there will be a lot of lawsuits due to that fact that most of what you are asking for in your law is unconstitutional have you even read the Constitution ? and if so do you know what it means? you need some help to help you get over whatever it was that you went thru

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady, I have to agree with the anonymous poster. Nothing you are suggesting even approaches the threshold of rational thought. You were abused by someone you knew. His daughter was abused by someone he knew and trusted. Well over 90% of sexual abuse, especially of children, is committed by family members and other known and trusted by the child or family, not by registered sex offenders. Almost every suggestion in your manifesto of hatred is in direct opposition to what research verifies as the most effective methods of dealing with former offenders, methods that reduce recidivism even further and protect communities even more. Adina's law would do neither; it would rather do the opposite.
The former offender who has lived near you for ten years without your knowing of his status is a perfect example of what happens when things work like they should. You haven't known of him because he is successfully integrating into the community and following the rules.
Please get some help for the sake of your children if not yourself. You will destroy them if you raise them with these attitudes and hatreds.
I will pray for you and your family.
Sincerely, Shelly Stow

Lynn said...

I couldn't agree more with the other two people who have posted here so far. I understand how you feel as I, too, was molested as a child, but I cannot condone any of the stipulations you have outlined here. The only thing you left out was burning them at the stake.
95% of all sex crimes HAPPEN WITHIN THE HOME or WITH SOMEONE THE OFFENDER KNOWS and 93% of all sex offenders NEVER reoffend, and most are totally harmless. None of these laws you have outlined here would help anybody, and would only serve as punishment for offenders who have already paid their debts to society. Everything you have outlined here is totally unconstitutional. PLEASE, I know you're hurting, please seek some counseling to deal with the anger and hatred. I know it would help. It helped me.

BTW, your use of the term "Convicted Sexual Deviants" is incorrect. The term is "Convicted Sex Offender" and that label is applied to every person convicted of everything between urinating behind a tree on the side of a desolate road, teens having sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends, sexting, all the way to a sexually violent rape. There is currently no distinction between them. Your neighbor could very well be 100% harmless. Instead of making assumptions about him, why don't you go and talk to him? You might be surprised to hear what he was actually convicted of.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how you mention a man with a sex offense lived down the street 10 years and yet nothing has happened. It seems your theory is wrong. It also seems you suffer from misandry. You really need professional help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

It would help if you backed up your claims with hard evidence rather than rhetoric. Factual studies would help.

Here's a good place to start:

Anonymous said...

Please educate yourself on this issues before you try and propose new laws. You have obviously been very hurt. Your level of paranoia is alarming. Do you have any sons? How many female sex offenders are there in your city? Does causing pain, to those you feel are unworthy, make you feel better? How do you eliminate temptation? Please seek help.

Anonymous said...

they already tried that with Megan law and Jessica law and it unenforceable
Jessica's Law ruled unconstitutional ⁄⁄
so what makes you think Adina's law will be constitutional?

Anonymous said...

Who is "Audina" anyway? I honestly don't think that this proposal is very well thought out. Your reasoning is ruled strictly by emotion, not logic. The United States (including CA) is ruled by a myriad counterproductive and downright dangerous laws. "Audina's Law" is one of these laws. Please don't fool yourself into thinking that this is for families, women or children. Your intentions are very spiteful and man-hating. BTW, your poll states that over 90 percent of the viewer vote for these "California Sexual Deviants". What do you think about that?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adina's Law A Hoax? Just Wait

   A hoax you say? Really? Just wait until 2012. The comment below is probably from the same guy who keeps sending me and my kids threats and calling me every name in the book. A hoax? We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Susan stop posting as "other people"? Everybody knows that you're "police officer" and "child molester-hater". Why did you mess with your poll results? Did you do that to make things more believable? Children's rights and women's rights are serious issues. They should not be exploited by someone who obviously does not understand these issues. If you need attention child, talk to your parents. This is obviously a hoax, people because no INTELLIGENT adult would ever write like you. Your faulty logic and style of writing belongs to that of an unintelligent 8 year old.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comments From My Supporters

   Thank you all for sending such positive e-mails. Like the former police officer says below- the noose is getting tighter. It's so sad that children can't play outside these days with all the CSDs infecting every neighborhood. Hopefully, when Adina's Law passes, these animals will be kept far from our kids. They belong in a cage for life anyway! The call with the attorney went great. He's coming to see me this Friday. He said some of Adina's Law may not hold up in court, but most of it will with all the awareness of CSDs nowadays. These vermin do not deserve any rights anyway. Maybe CA's Constitution can be change to exempt the very lowlifes Adina's Law will target.

Anonymous said...

As a former LA Police Officer and current Dad I can tell you these scum never stop. I don't know how many child rapists I've seen with historys of doing the same exact thing. Looks like the noose will be getting tighter around these scumbags necks. Not tight enough though. How did it go with the lawyers? Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I belong to a group of mothers who call each other every time the Creep down the street leaves his house. These Perverts are everywhere! We sure will suport this much needed law. Thank you!


Anna just called me and told me about your wonderful website. Good for you girl. I'm scared every time my kids leave the house. I looked on the California website of where all these CSDs live about a year ago and my house is surrounded by them. I make them play inside now and I pick them up from school. NO LAW IS TOO TOUGH ON THESE MEN WHO MOLEST OUR KIDS!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

We're Making Progress !

Several State Reps and one Congressman have e-mailed me and three are considering sponsoring Adina's Law, but It may need very minor changes here and there. I'm going to be talking to one of their attorney's later this morning. The two I've spoken on the phone with are really enthusiastic. Also, alot involved in Law Enforcement have contacted me to show support. Sadly, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has alerted It's crew of twisted CSDs to fight Adina's Law and the so-called "Men's Rights" groups who hate women and mother's are joining them. The sick CSDs! I am so glad I did not put my whole last name on this blog. These CDSs scare the heck out of me. Why they're even walking the streets free is only proof that California desperately needs Adina's Law. To my supporters - Please leave some positive comments o.k., check the reader poll box, and help spread the word about Adina's Law. California's Army of CSDs have been alerted that their days of attacking woman and our kids are coming to an end and WE have to fight them now. Thank you to all Adina's Law supporters and God Bless! WE will get Adina's Law on the ballot in 2012!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adina's Law when passed in 2012 will :

1.) Double Residential Restrictions for All CSDs to 4,000 Feet
     Jessica's Law only restricts CSDs from living 2,000 feet from where our children go to school and play. It's like serving our kids on a silver platter to these CSD vermin. It must be at least doubled to 4,000 feet.
     Residential Restrictions have done nothing to protect anyone. Since well over 90% of sex crimes are committed by family members or someone known to the family. Banning RSOs from living 2,000 feet from schools, parks, ect... has only accomplished one thing in CA - driving thousands into homelessness by forcing them out of their homes. Not only does this force the RSO onto the streets, Residential Restrictions also drives totally innocent family members into homelessness

2.) Require All CSDs to Wear Locking GPS Devices
     We need to know the location of CSDs at all times and that they do not ever go into Restricted Areas. CSDs can attack at any moment and must be tracked. Also, CSD's themselves must pay for all costs of GPS. Also, cell phones should be equipped with GPS Chips that will sound an alarm when a CSD comes within 100 feet of woman or children.
     All RSOs (about 10,000) on parole in CA are forced to wear GPS Monitors locked onto their ankles and tremendous cost to CA taxpayers when it has not been proven that this GPS Monitors do anything to deter crime. RSOs are the first to be required to wear GPS, next all parolees, then maybe drunk drivers, those convicted of  domestic violence, and on and on. Mark my words, the day will come when "they" will force U.S. citizens to be implanted with GPS Devices. Also, some cell phones are already equipped to sound alarms when a RSO comes near.

3.) Dusk to Dawn Curfews for All CSDs
     CSDs love the cover of darkness as they hunt for new victims. Most CSDs attack their victims at night. This must be stopped.
      RSOs on parole in CA already have curfews. How long until all RSOs have a curfew? And then what class of citizen is next to have a curfew?

4.) Ban Computer Usage by CSDs
     "To Catch a Predator" TV series clearly shows how CSDs use the internet to lure child victims. The primary use of computers is to satisfy their own sick thoughts about our kids and to meet new victims. They must be banned.
      To ban RSOs from computer usage in this day and age would literally send them back to the Stone Age. It would be insane, but what parts of all this hysteria about RSOs is sane anyway?

5.) Ban CDSs from Malls, Shopping Centers, Movie Theaters, Beaches, along with Jessica's Law Restrictions
     This is a no-brainer. Anywhere children may be, CSDs should not.
      RSOs on parole in CA are already ban from the above public places. There are another 50,000+ RSOs who are not on parole and CA lawmakers are trying to ban them too from most public places. Banished from society. Who's next to be banished? It's time to speak up now.

6.) Require All CSDs to Have Warning Signs Placed on Their Residents Doors
      Wouldn't you want to know if a CSD was living next store to you? Especially if you have small children.
      Some states already require this. The insanity continues.

7.) Require All CSDs to have Warning Signs on Their Cars
      CSDs may not be allowed in Schools and Parks, but what stops them from driving past or parking from where our kids are as they prowl for new victims
      Some states require this too.

8.) Require CSD's Driver's Licenses/ ID's to Have "Warning-Convicted Sexual Deviant" Embedded on Them. 
     CSDs can only molest children and attack women if we don't know who they are.
      Recently a CA lawmaker proposed Special IDs for RSOs and some states already have It as law.

9.) Ban CSDs from Cable/Satellite TV
     CSDs love to spend hours watching kid shows as they fantasize about our kids and what they want to do to them. Children's programming is pure kiddy porn to them.
      Anything a RSO does can be twisted into a perverted lie by law enforcement and publicity hungry politicians.

10.)  Require All CSDs to Live Alone
        Alot of CSDs have molested their own children in their own homes or have raped their own wives and girlfriends while living together. CSDs can never be cured and all temptations must be remove permanently.
       Alot of RSOs do live alone - on the streets after being driven from their homes by Residential Restrictions.

 11.) Make It a Felony for a CSD to Ever be Alone in the Same Room with a Woman or Child 
        These Perverts have already confessed and been convicted on what they do when alone with a woman or child.
       Most RSOs on parole in CA ARE banned from being in the same room with a child or woman, even if their "crime" was purely consensual.

12.) Ban CSDs From Any and All Sexual Relationships
       Sex for CSDs is never about love. Sex to them is about violence against woman and harming our kids.
      I do not see how a "law" like this could ever be even considered, but the way the RSO Hysteria is going, who knows?

13.) Ban All CSDs From Hotels/Motels
       California's Hotels/Motels have become Safe Havens for CSDs as they attempt to hide themselves and their crimes from the public. Families on vacation in CA do not want a CSD staying in the next room to them. CSDs are ruining CA's tourist trades.
       With Residential Restrictions in CA, Hotels and Motels are some of the only places RSOs can find to live. Maybe "they" should pass a "law" that all RSOs and their families too must live on the street forever.

14.) Ban CSDs From Receiving Public Assistance
       Why should honest, hard working CA taxpayers subsidize CSDs and their sick behavior? How long will CA tax payers be forced to pay CSDs to continue their deviant lifestyle?
       Force RSOs to be homeless and then make sure they starve too. Great country we are turning into.

15.) Establish Special Police Squads to Make Weekly Checks on CSDs
       Special Police Squads can make weekly checks on CSDs at their homes and employment to make sure they are following Adina's Law. The costs of these Special Police Squads will shadow the costs of what their future victims will pay.
      In CA there are already "Special Squads" of Police that sole job is to keep track (harass) RSOs. Millions more CA tax payer money wasted.

16.) Ban All CSDs From Voting in CA Elections
       CSDs do not deserve the same rights as normal, law-abiding CA residents and should be outlawed from voting in State Elections, especially on laws that make it easier to commit new crimes.
       Once one group of citizens are denied basic Constitutional rights it only makes it easier to deny the next group their rights.

17.) DNA Samples From All Men in CA
       What kind of man would refuse to submit to a small, non-intrusive DNA sample if it meant saving a child? Thousands of unsolved violent rapes and child molestations would be solved in CA with these samples. Male children can have a harmless and painless DNA swabs done at birth that will deter future CSDs.
      All convicted felons in CA must give a DNA sample. Either voluntarily or forced. Who's next? Those convicted of Misdemeanors?

18.) Life Without Parole for Men Convicted of Sex Crimes
       Tens of thousand of innocent woman and children would be saved a year if these Monsters rotted in prison where they belong and millions of CA taxpayer monies would be saved in convicting them of their future crimes.
      All "sex crimes" are not the same. Alot, are purely consensual with an underage person and some have no "victim" at all. Also, it is so easy these days to falsely accuse someone of a "sex crime" with zero evidence.

19.) Chemical or Surgical Castration for CSDs who Attack Children
       CSDs commit far more crimes than any criminals once released from prison, go back to prison more often, and can never be cured of their desire to harm our kids. Castration of CSDs would greatly reduce the number of future victims of these animals.
      All I can say for this one is that it would be barbaric, but lawmakers have proposed it.

I am a single mother of 3 and a survivor of domestic violence who recently found out a Convicted Sexual Deviant lives down the street form me and my kids. He has been living there for over 10 years and no one seemed to know. How long until he attacks a children? With his history, he probably already has. Megan's Law was a great start, then Jessica's Law in 2006, but we as California residents and our children are still very much at risk from the 100,000 CSDs infecting this State. Adina's Law would make our kids so much more safer. I have just started this blog. Please help spread the word about Adina's Law and help get this much needed law on the 2012 Ballot. Please leave a comment on my blog and/or e-mail me at . Over 40 % of adult women report being raped and/or molested as a child. This is a national disgrace. Adina's Law would greatly reduce the number of woman and children victimized in California by CSDs. We need the help of all concerned Californians, Politicians, The Police, Law Makers, Judges, and District Attorneys. It is finally time to get tough on CSDs and their many crimes. SUPPORT ADINA'S LAW ! Contact me today.

      Please do contact me - If you support the rights of RSOs and the rights of their family members and you want to see the end of laws like Jessica's Law.